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Here’s a simple truth: the side of your skin that faces the world is designed to shield you from the elements. It largely repels superficial treatments, which do little for your skin fitness. The inside of your skin, however, is designed to nourish, revitalise and strengthen. So when you make changes here, great things happen.

At the Beauty House, we program your skin for lasting success.

  • Free initial consultation and skin assessment
  • Full range of skin fitness and traditional beauty services
  • Over 15 years’ experience and 18,000 clients
  • Expert skin fitness coaches, nutritionists and nurses
  • Treat even the most challenging skin conditions
  • Non-invasive and quick procedures
  • Personalised advice on small changes for big results
  • Holistic, lifestyle-centric approach

We leverage natural physiological processes to make your body work for you.



Skin Fitness

Skin analysis

Clinical needling


Resurfacing peels


IPL treatments

L.E.D & Healite

Skin tightening

Fractional laser

Lifestyle and nutritional advice


Traditonal Beauty

Laser hair removal


Brows & lashes



Spray Tans








Explore the depths of your surface

Free skin analysis in studio or online





Enter the Skin Fitness Academy


Our experienced skin fitness coaches provide you with personalised advice based on your unique lifestyle and needs, but we also publish in-depth feature articles and the latest on new discoveries in skin care science. Sign up to receive our regular beauty briefings and stay informed to make educated decisions. It’s free, and we won’t share your contact details.

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