1. Test Patch

We carefully test a small area of your skin to ensure our treatments are compatible with your hair and skin type.

2. Custom Plan

After your test patch, we carefully plan and schedule the necessary treatment sessions to ensure great results.

3. Great Results

At the end of your treatment, you can look forward to silky smooth and hair free skin for many years to come.

What is Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal uses a specific targeted wavelength of laser that is attracted to the Lumenis LightSheer Laser Machinesdarkest part of the hair. The Laser light travels down the hair towards the root follicle, increasing in heat and disrupting the follicle growth.

Laser Hair Removal by The Beauty House

At The Beauty House, we’ve been specialise in Laser Hair Removal for over 10 years. We have invested heavily in medical grade, results driven laser hair removal machines to ensure you get real results.

We use Lumenis LightSheer machines to remove hair from any area of the body. Our Laser Technicians have all undergone extensive training to ensure your treatment is performed at the highest standard to achieve the best results.

What to expect

Your first visit for laser hair removal will be a free consultation. It is at this point that you can ask any questions you may have. Your laser technician will discuss what’s involved in the treatment, how to prepare, how often to treat and how many treatments. Also as part of your consultation the technician will perform a small discrete patch test. To prepare for treatments you will shave the desired area. The technician will perform the treatment using the Lumenis Cool Tip to ease any discomfort. You may experience minimal discomfort such as a slight flicking sensation.

Laser Pricelist for Women

Laser ConsultFree
Top Lip$35
Side of Face$59
Neck (front or back)$69
Full Face$79
1/2 Arm$125
3/4 Arm$150
Full Arm$169
Bikini (sides only)$49 (add underarm for +$15)
G-String (high cut and bottom)$69 (add underarm for +$15)
Brazillian / XXX (all off)$89 (add underarm for +$15)
Snail Trail$35
1/2 Leg (top or bottom)$170
3/4 Leg$239
Full Leg$279
Feet (including toes)$45
Additional Patch $50

Laser Pricelist for Men

Laser ConsultFree
Top Lip$35
Sides of Face$69
Neck (front & back)$79
Full Face$89
1/2 Arm (lower or upper)$169
3/4 Arm$189
Full Arm$249
1/2 Back$179
3/4 Back$229
Full Back (inc. shoulders)$289
Snail Trail$59
1/2 Leg (top or bottom)$209
3/4 Leg$319
Full Leg$359
Feet (including toes)$59

Laser Hair Removal FAQ’S

IPL Vs Laser Hair Removal

Laser uses a single wavelength of light to target the hair follicle whereas IPL uses various wavelengths of light. When receiving IPL, only some wavelengths reach the hair follicle resulting in more treatments being required to get the same results as laser hair removal.

How many treatments are required?

We recommend 6-12 treatments on each area depending on your skin and hair type. There needs to be a 4-6 week gap between treatments.

Does Laser Hair Removal hurt?

No, generally only a light flicking or zapping sensation occurs. The Lumenis machine also offers a cooling tip to reduce pain. For those with a low pain threshold ice packs can be applied.

Can I use Laser Hair Removal anywhere on my body?

Laser can treat any part of the external body except for around the area of the eyes.

Will laser hair removal stop ingrown hairs?

Yes, ingrown hairs is one of the most common reasons for clients to begin Laser Hair Removal treatments. Laser Hair Removal helps treat the pain and discomfort of ingrown hairs and ensure they never return.

Will the hair grow back?

There are a lot of factors that effect the human bodies hair grown. One of the main reasons a clients hair could return in the treated area is an imbalance of hormones. This could be the result of pregnancy or other hormonal conditions such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

Is Laser Hair Removal for everyone?

All clients require a consultation prior to treatment to determine whether your suitable for the treatment. The Lumenis machine is fully customisable based on the clients skin and hair colour. We treat a large variety of clients both female and male with various skin and hair colours and achieve fantastic results.

Test Patch Registration

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