General Waxing

Hair free from top to toe.

  • Specially trained waxing experts
  • Highest quality professional wax
  • Titanium Dioxide infused wax to reduce redness
  • Reduced irritation with soothing after-wax care

The Beauty House salons all use the best of the best when it comes to waxing products. Afters years of research into the best waxes on the market, we have found what we consider to be the best wax available. It is a Titanium Dioxide infused wax which reduces redness post wax.

Our wax can remove even the finest hairs while still being suitable for sensitive skins. We never recycle our wax. Keep your skin feeling smooth and looking great with our complete range of waxing services.

Here are just a few of our most popular waxing services:

  • Half Leg $32
  • 3/4 Leg $41
  • Full Leg $51
  • Underarm $22
  • Upper Lip $18
  • Chin $17
  • Half Arm $28
  • Full Arm $40
  • Patches from $10

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Brazilian Waxing

Don’t let summer sneak up on you. Stay bikini ready.

The Beauty House Salons specialise in Bikini, G-String and Brazilian waxing. Discreet waxing performed by experts so that you can relax. We pride ourselves on offering irritation free, quick and thorough waxing services. Our Titanium Dioxide infused wax aids in the reduction of post-wax redness, leaving you feeling and looking silky smooth.


Bikini Wax

Removal of hairs visible in a standard pair of bikini bottoms

Bikini Wax Price: $24.00 (15 Minute Treatment)


G-String Wax

Higher cut bikini wax including the removal of hairs visible in a standard pair of bikini bottoms plus a little bit higher. Also, includes the removal of hair in the bottom

G-String Wax Price: $45.00 (30 Minute Treatment)


Brazilian/XXX Wax

Removal of all hair in the area or you can choose to leave a strip. We will ask you when performing the treatment, so there is no need to specify when booking the appointment

Brazilian Price: $54.00 (30 Minute Treatment)

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